Regi + Fed

Regina and Federico asked me to come to Italy.

Clearly, I said yes. I mean.. Pizza

Needless to say, It was a dream. Incredibly good looking people, Incredibly good amounts of wine, an Incredible 24 hours.

Regi and Fed are such amazing people, and to welcome me so warmly and trust me so deeply I am very grateful.

This wedding has been featured in a few places, so if you feel like you may have seen some of these photos in a Magazine, you’re not going crazy!

The day took place in Cagliari, Sardinia (Italy). It was truly special.

Abe + Pip

Abe and Pip got married in Townsville.

Im now married myself (to my best friend Jane). Her extended family live in Townsville (when they are not competing in the international armed forces snowboard cross in Canada and Austria- a feat I’m quite impressed/envious of) and have always talked very fondly of their hometown.

Needless to say, when Pip got in touch out of the blue, I was certainly very keen not only to meet what seemed like a very cool sounding couple (my instincts were correct!) but also to make the trek up North!

Ive since been back! (to photograph Pip’s cousins wedding (she is one of the bridesmaids)) so Im almost a local now 😉

Enjoy these photos, these guys are beautiful on the outside as you will see, but truly wonderful on the inside, and choosing some of these first few weddings to put on this new website has been a really beautiful experience for me, as I truly respect and wish these two the happiest future together. P.S. at the time of writing this, Pip is pregnant! WooHoo!

Sam and Brit

This new and simplified version of my website kicks off with a few weddings I shot at around the 5 year mark. I feel like in those 5 years, I learnt so much.

Obviously I learnt the extensive technical aspects of what to do in certain lighting situations,  handling flashes and multiple exposures and all the Jargon that comes with surrounding yourself with something for half a decade….  But its what else that I learnt that I feel has been the most rewarding.

I have learnt that every wedding is downright beautiful. Whether its in a Castle in Monaco (Ill post that wedding a little later I’m sure) or in a run down farm with close friends.. there is ALWAYS a story, and the whole day is filled from begging to end with beautiful people, moments and emotions, and being made aware of that has been an incredible step in what I now deliver.

I have learnt that it is the little things that are the most profound. When I started, I would position people next to nice windows to open presents, and I would clear bridesmaids out of the way to get a better shot of the brides dress being done up. How far I have come! Earnestness comes through imperfection, and just being there, not directing but always alert has been an incredible growth point for me.

I have learnt that my agenda is worth nothing. Your wedding day is YOUR wedding day. When we first meet up, ill chat through what timings make it easier for us to get great photos together, but if on the day you would prefer sit down with your grandparents for half an hour and cut out half the time we had for photos…. I am so ready. In fact I love it. You are letting the most important day of your life blossom into the most memorable day of your life. Its not only my job, but my passion to reflect that in the photos- and my former self rushing that beautiful time with your grandparents to get a few extra arty shots just makes no sense to me anymore.

Ive learnt that people are unique. I shoot in a certain way. Hopefully you resonate with it, hence why you are reading my self-indulgent thousand word essay. But there are things that you will love that another will hate. And that is OK!. I make it a point to find out what it is that really makes YOU tick, and pursuing that end is so much more rewarding for all of us than me insisting we do things a certain way to get the ‘best’ photos.

It was a truly amazing Journey to get to the 5 year point. I met so many incredible people, visited so many incredible places, and was able to tell so many fascinating stories.

I am truly blessed to do what I do, and hope to do it for a very long time.

I want to share with you first a wedding of a friend of mine.

His name is Sam, and his wife is Brit. They have a beautiful love, but rather than harp on even longer, ill let the images below do the rest of the talking. Im so glad that you are here visiting, please send an email if you would like to chat about almost anything.

All the best!