Bec + Scott

Bec and Scott are genuinely great.

When i was first starting out in the big wide world of photography, these guys volunteered themselves to be human Guinea pigs, and let me fumble around a camera trying to make them look as good as they do in person…

Years later, as I stood at the end of the aisle, their beaming smiles walking towards me, I realised how lucky I was to have ever met these guys, and truly feel honoured to have had the opportunity to shoot their wedding.

As a side note- these guys are incredible- The flowers, the decorations, the table settings, the DRESS… all DIY.

Pretty impressive hey…


Four Years Ago.

The Wedding Day.

Rach + Ben

Good news. Im still alive.

Thriving in fact.

I sincerely apologise to you if you have checked back in here daily, weekly or even monthly, arduously hoping for a new post, only to gaze lazily on the same set of photos that have claimed the ‘most recent’ title… since MARCH!!!

My inactivity online is a bit of a paradox really, in real life it has been a million mile an hour.

Since I last posted, I have shot loads of incredible weddings all around Australia, for couples cooler than i knew existed. Its been a blast. Ive been super blessed with the opportunity to shoot internationally too… Tallying 7 more since I last posted.

As a result, my ‘free’ time to create pretty blog posts for you guys has been almost non-existent.

But enough is enough, Im back on the horse, and do solemnly swear to update this blog with an awesome wedding for you to swoon over a lot more frequently.

To kick off the new season of Gray Photography, I bring to you Rach and Ben.

Rach is a wedding photographer, who hails from down town Adelaide.

Pressure is always on high when shooting for a photographer… They see everything!

So, equipped with a hearty supply of red bull and an inner -/ monologue, this is what we came up with

Thanks so much to Rach and Ben for being such awesome fun to take photos of. You guys were an absolute blast to hang out with, and I truly wish I lived closer to Adelaide so we could hang out more.


Shannon + Brad

Nat + Iain

Andy - December 24, 2012 - 5:36 am

These people must be stoked bro

Zsana - January 11, 2013 - 12:46 am