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The beginning.

Freckled nose, note pad out and purple framed glasses, she sat behind me, a perfect stranger. The lecture was on Micro Economic Principals, and the lecturer was considerably more zealous regarding the content at hand than we, the collective sea of weary students.

6 years later, that same freckled nose is snuggled up next to me, her Fiancé, as we embark on the most massive thing we’ve ever stood before. We are getting MARRIED.

I thought it would be cool to document the whole process. For the past 5 years Ive been photographing weddings (Yea, Jane and I have been together for longer than Ive been a photographer!!!)

and I have seen my fair share of triumphs and difficulties that surround the big day. So for the next 6 months, I (hopefully joyfully) endeavour to give you Brides (and Grooms?) a slightly different perspective.

This is the diary of a Groom to Be.

Back to how we met… After all, context is important in all things, right?

I’ve got this thing for pizza. The cheaper the better. Dominoes used to run a $4.50 special of a tuesday night, which, quite conveniently coincided with the night I had football practice..

The boys and I made a habit of balancing out the universe by ingesting as much of said pizza as possible after such a strenuous weekly activity, and so routinely found ourselves sitting outside the local pizza joint chowing down on some quality grub until we could fit in no more. It was pretty great.

One day, I walked into Gloria jeans (a coffee place for those of you reading this from abroad) to order a hot chocolate. (I’m the weird 1% that doesn’t drink coffee…)

‘Hot chocolate for michael’ rang across the store.

(here is where the story gets good)


It turns out, the friendly barrista knew me…. because I ordered the same pizza from her every tuesday night!!!

A sheepish grin and a stomach full of rainbows (she remembers me!??) And I walked out of that store, day made…

It wasn’t until I got to class a few days later that it clicked.

Freckles, note pad out and purple framed glasses…. That’s her!!!

(She didn’t actually have the notepad at the coffee shop, but i really only needed 2 out of 3 to be sure)

As the weeks unfolded, notes were shared, hands were held and a little something was blossoming.

It wasn’t until we stole a sneaky kiss in the park by her house that I realised that this was the real deal. This was it!

So with as much gusto as I could manage (I wasn’t particularly well-versed in the art of courting) I asked that adorably cute freckle nosed girl if she would be my girlfriend, and with the (of-course-i-will) smile and a kiss she obliged.

And from there, It only gets better.

Jane and Me-16