Thanks for getting this far! Hopefully it means you are considering me for your wedding day… which is the best! Im going to be really honest and up front in this section, not hiding anything! If you do have any other questions, please email, I’d love to chat.. Here goes!


This is what everyone really wants to know, so lets get into it!

14 hours coverage is $4250

It includes the best photos fully edited on DVD.


Good question!

First, send me an email, tell me who you are, when your wedding is and anything else you want to share!

Second, We’ll get chatting and book in a meeting. Im based in Sydney, and find it really convenient to meet at a local cafe after work hours. Once we find a time that suits, we can meet in person and you can ask me anything at all at that point. We can go over your day and chat about what is important to you and how I can be of best use on the day.


Third, Ill send you a contract and bank details for a deposit (it’s $1000) after the meeting. At this stage it’s almost all booked in!

Lastly, Closer to the wedding day itself, Ill get an updated version of the run sheet off you, so that I know exactly where to be when. Awesome!


Almost! I’m really busy at the moment, which is awesome! What that means though, is that i don’t have as much time as i used to to answer emails. For this reason, I have hired Joel McMaster. He is able to chat with you about everything from questions about what I do, to booking meetings in, sending contracts out, and helping you in any way. If at any point you would prefer talk to me, I am available! Id love to chat about anything you’ve got on your mind. The reason Joel is there is so that I can spend more of my time editing your photos.. (You get them back faster!)

As far as the photos go… Im your guy! Im there through every step. Ill meet with you, Ill be there on the day. Ill cull the photos, Ill carefully edit your photos. Ill even wrap your disc up nicely and walk it down to the post office myself. I have 100% quality control over the entire process, and will ensure you get the best possible product throughout the whole process!


I like to keep it really simple, There is one all-inclusive rate, with no charge for extra hours or for things you don’t want. I take payment through Bank Transfer, and there is no need to spend a cent more than my flat fee of $4250. That being said, here are some things to consider.



  • I take great pride in getting photos back to you within 5 weeks of your wedding day. For some people though, 5 weeks is still a loooong time. For this reason, I have introduced a special Priority fee. For $300, I can have your photos delivered within 7 days of the wedding.  Please let me know when booking if you might be interested in, as only a limited number of weddings can be delivered within 7 days per month.


  • If I can drive home after the wedding, there is no cost
  • If Its a late night, Ill need a place to stay (same applies for early starts and the night before)… I am Crazy flexible with the quality of accommodation, I don’t require anything nice at all!
  • If there is a flight required that will be added to the final invoice
  • If a hire car is needed that will be added also.


  • Shoots midweek are free
  • Shoots on weekends are $300
  • The Disc of All the photos fully edited from either is $600.
  • Prints start from $60
  • A special 48 hour priority fee is only $150.


  • Start from $1200
  • Made in New York
  • Can be designed from 4 weeks after the wedding day.


Thats it!